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US steel prices still trending down

US flat-rolled steel prices crept down last week as mills continued to battle for market share against a backdrop of increasingly aggressive import offerings. Domestic steelmakers in the U.S. slashed prices in February to cope with a flood of imports

European and Chinese Steel Prices Fall

Steel prices in China have fallen from $607 per tonne (£385) in January to $542 (£344) in October. In the US the price has dropped from $861 (£546) to $839 (£532) over the same period. According to Mintec, the European

Surging Chinese Steel Exports Put Pressure on World Prices

A surge in Chinese steel production and a flood of exports are pressuring world-wide steel prices despite Beijing’s efforts to rein in the steel industry, in the latest example of the global impact of China‘s massive industrial overcapacity. Global steel prices

Steelmakers Pinched by Price Plunge

Steel prices have slumped this month, setting off a scramble among steelmakers to maintain prices and market share despite a nationwide glut. In a bid to maintain market share in the lukewarm economy, steel mills have been increasingly offering 5%

Steel – Overcapacity in 2013

The steel sector still shows a significant global over-capacity according to Ernst & Young’s report, Global steel: A new world, a new strategy, highlighting the issues and challenges facing the sector. The planet will still produce too much steel this

China: steel industry in need of restructuring

Worldwide steel mills have reached a total estimated supply capacity of 1.8 billion tons, vs. a steel global demand of only 1.5 billion tons. Like Europe, China produces too much steel and it must restructure its industry. Over the last