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US January propylene contracts at lowest level since November 2009

In spot markets Tuesday, January and February polymer-grade propylene (PGP) were heard offered at 47.5 cents/lb Mont Belvieu pipeline basis. February was heard traded Monday at 46.25 cents/lb MtB-pipe. Spot PGP was last heard traded at that level in late

Propylene Prices Roller-Coaster Ride

Sky high and extremely volatile propylene prices are causing fits for buyers of many intermediate chemicals, coatings, and basic plastics such as polypropylene, nylon, ABS and polyurethane. The forecast is for more volatility for the next two years and then

North American PP prices up 15 cents in January

A major price hike has hit the North American polypropylene market, sending prices up an average of 15 cents per pound since Jan. 1. The January move is the eighth double-digit price swing to hit the North American PP market

April propylene prices expected to set record – Platts

Propylene is expected to reach an all-time high in North America later this month, as rising feedstock prices exert upward pressure on prices. US polymer-grade propylene contracts for April were beginning to settle at an all-time high, up more than

Crude oil price surge helps U.S. chemical makers

Chemical prices are set globally by naphtha-based producers. That lets Dow and its peers charge the higher industry price and bank the margins from using cheap natural gas. Cheap natural gas is giving U.S. chemical companies an edge over European

Plastics News – Some fear exodus from polypropylene, as price rises 17 cents per pound

The 17-cent-per-pound price increase set for Jan. 1 has taken hold in the North American polypropylene market. Regional PP makers have cited tightness in supplies of propylene monomer feedstock as a reason for the massive increase. PP prices in the