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Biggest gold sell-off in 30 years

Last friday, commodities tumbled on US retail sales news, led by metals and precious metals. But yesterday, gold plunged to $1,357 after disappointing news on China first quarter growth over the week-end. The 7.7 percent increase in first-quarter Chinese gross domestic

Commodities tumble on US retail sales news

Commodities tumbled to the lowest since July, led by a plunge in precious metals, as U.S. retail sales fell the most in nine months and consumer sentiment unexpectedly declined. Gold fell into a bear market, and silver plummeted to the lowest

Palladium rising steadily

After lagging behind other precious metals for much of the year, prices for the white metal—a key element in cars’ catalytic converters—are pulling ahead. Since the beginning of the month, palladium has risen almost 2%, hitting a one-month high on