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Nickel into bear market?

Nickel is set to fall into a bear market on the back of still strong global supplies, despite Indonesia’s January export ban on the metal, and China’s economic weakness. Nickel in London fell 2.5 percent today and is down 12 percent

Nickel drops to 2-week Low on oversupply

Nickel stockpiles tracked by the London Metal Exchange, which have surged 71 percent this year, reached an all-time high of 239,958 metric tons yesterday. This is a market in chronic oversupply resulting from systemic over-production. Nickel dropped to a two-week low

Nickel surplus expected to be 140 000 ton this year

Nickel producers face a global surplus of 140 000 t this year due to disappointing demand and new production projects, a monthly bulletin from the International Nickel Study Group (INSG) forecast on Thursday. The nickel surplus is a 40% increase

Nickel metal still in surplus

Whereas Deutsche Bank indicated that the nickel market outlook would be better in the first quarter, global nickel market was in surplus by 74,200 tonnes in the first six months of the year, a monthly bulletin from the Lisbon-based International

Nickel hit hard by china slowdown

Nickel prices fell to a four-year low, in the latest fallout from slowing economic growth in China, the metal’s biggest user. Nickel prices are bearing the brunt of a steep decline in metals markets this year. Nickel futures fell as

Nickel: World Surplus

The International Nickel Study Group predicts an increase in the supply of nickel next year leading to a surplus of 70,000 tonnes. Several projects are either already planned or going live shortly. This is the case with Koniambo in New