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New Tool to Measure (and Manage) the carbon footprint of your supply Chain

This is the first article discussing the results of our ongoing survey examining what Supply-Chain professionals in North America are thinking and (more importantly) doing about greening their supply-chains. We certainly hear a lot about the importance of reducing the

The importance of managing water in your supply chain

No matter the place — California’s Central Valley, southern Nevada, the Colorado River, the Southern Plains — water is harder to find across much of the West. And, with energy demand and populations growing, once-unfathomable choices about water pricing and

Leaning towards Green

At the recent Sustainable Purchasing and Supply Summit in London last week, the point was made that Lean production is really the first step toward Green production. If your business is manufacturing, or even if it’s not, I’ll wager that you

How companies think about climate change – McKinsey Quarterly – Energy, Resources, Materials – Environment

You might find this interesting: Against a backdrop of rising global concern about the environment and climate change, a McKinsey Quarterly survey finds that executives view climate change issues as important for their companies, seeing both opportunity and risk. The