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Russian grain: Forecasts down
Grains, Soybeans Plunge on revised USDA Forecasts

Corn and Wheat prices plunged the most in three months, while soybeans slid, after an increase in stockpile forecasts by the U.S. government eased concern that shortages will inflate prices for food and biofuels. Inventories of corn in the U.S.,

Rising Corn Acreage Failing to Meet U.S. Feed, Ethanol Use (1) –

U.S. corn planting will expand to cover the second-largest area since World War II this year and still fail to meet demand for feed and ethanol, driving prices to their highest in at least 34 years. Corn will rise 5.7

Worst Texas Drought in 44 Years Eroding U.S. Wheat, Beef Supply –

The worst Texas drought in 44 years is damaging the state’s wheat crop and forcing ranchers to reduce cattle herds, as rising demand for U.S. food sends grain and meat prices higher. Texas, the biggest U.S. cattle producer and second-largest

Commodities Gain As Japan Fears Ease –

Commodities markets pushed higher, with oil back above $100 a barrel and grain prices surging, on rising confidence in Japan's ability to mount a recovery. Corn futures hit trading limits after the latest batch of U.S. export sales indicated strong

Crop Prices Tumble as Japan Earthquake Threatens to Erode Demand –

Corn, wheat, soybean and rice futures tumbled after Japan was struck by its largest earthquake on record, threatening to curb demand from the Asian country, a major importer of U.S. crops. Japan, the largest buyer of U.S. corn, is checking

World Food Prices Rise to Record, May Gain Further, UN Says (2) –

Rising food costs contributed to riots across North Africa and the Middle East in the last several months that toppled leaders in Egypt and Tunisia. Prices surged as bad weather ruined crops from Canada to Australia and Russia banned grain

Higher Grain Prices Start Pinching Consumers; USDA Expects Food Prices to Jump –

The surge in grain prices that has been stoking food inflation for months in much of the world is beginning to seep into U.S. supermarkets and restaurants. U.S. food prices will jump between 3% and 4% this year, the U.S.

Farmers Fail to Meet Demand as Corn Stockpiles Drop to 1974 Low –

The smallest corn inventories in 37 years are a sign farmers around the globe are failing to produce enough grain to meet rising consumption, even as planting expands and food prices surge. Growers from Canada to Russia boosted annual output

Corn Futures Surge on Lower Forecast –

Federal forecasters predict U.S. corn supplies will hit lows not seen in 15 years as record ethanol production raised new concerns about whether farmers can keep pace with demand for grain. The U.S. Department of Agriculture cut its estimate of