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Is US gasoline price heading for $3?

Retail gasoline prices often fall as summer vacation winds down, but the speed and size of the recent decline underscore shifts in energy markets that many analysts expect to be lasting. U.S. gasoline output climbed above 10 million barrels a

Gasoline prices peaking in the US

Prices at the pump are tracking a sharp rise in oil prices over the past month, after Islamist militants took control of several cities in Iraq. Investors and traders have worried that the spreading insurgency poses a threat to the

Gasoline Prices Skid as Diesel Burns

October supplies of gasoline are at a three-year high for that month, but refiners are still running at high speed because they are earning fat profits exporting diesel, which is made using the same process that converts oil to gasoline.

Gasoline Prices Fall in September

Prices for gasoline on the New York Mercantile Exchange have fallen roughly 11% in September as supplies reached their highest level in three years and the peak summer driving season ended. Technology allowing companies to retrieve oil from shale-rock formations

U.S. Oil Boom Falls Short of the Pump

Gasoline prices currently average nearly $4 per gallon nationwide. Rising U.S. crude production may seem like an attractive antidote, but it is proving ineffective on its own at a time when the world’s appetite for energy remains voracious and Middle

Record Gasoline Grips Europe While California Faces $4 a Gallon –

Gasoline prices are setting records across Europe and exceeding $4 a gallon in California as the rise in crude oil caused by the conflict in Libya punishes companies and consumers. Households are cutting back on travel, cinema visits and groceries