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US Electric Power Markets – National Overview

If you have ever wanted to understand changes in your suppliers’ electricity costs, you might find this U.S. federal government website useful. It identifies regions and ‘hubs’. The best news is that pricing for most hubs is free and a matter of

How China’s slowdown is impacting commodities

China announced Monday that its gross domestic product growth slowed to 7.5% in the three months ended in June. Its economic growth is still strong, compared with much of the world. But recent single-digit expansion rates are a notable comedown

Warmth Expected Across U.S. for Next Three Months

Temperatures around the U.S. have been as high as 65 degrees Fahrenheit (19.4 Celsius) above normal in the past week, with 400 record highs set yesterday, said Laura Furgione, deputy director of the National Weather Service. Warmer temperatures across the

The natural gas glut is driving down electricity prices

Mirroring the gas market, wholesale electricity prices have dropped more than 50 percent on average since 2008, and about 10 percent during the fourth quarter of 2011, according to a Jan. 11 research report by Aneesh Prabhu, a New York-based

Should Homeland Security control the electrical grid? Maybe

The electrical grid is commonly cited as a potential security issue for the U.S. and in a wide-ranging study on the matter, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say that the time has come for the U.S. government to

Record Copper Prices Prompt Switch To Aluminum –

Copper’s price surge this year is sparking a switch among manufacturers to another electricity-conducting metal: aluminum. Makers of automobiles, air conditioners and industrial components are increasingly turning to the much cheaper metal to help offset rising cost pressures as the

Natural Gas Erodes Coal’s Share at Power Plants: Energy Markets –

Natural gas’s unprecedented share of U.S. power generation is likely to keep growing as the biggest price slide in a year and the prospect of stricter pollution rules erode the market for coal. Electricity generated using natural gas will rise

Aluminum industry getting greener

Quebec’s aluminum companies said yesterday they’re well on their way to meeting their commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Representatives of the major aluminum companies announced yesterday that they are on track to meet targets set in 2007, cutting the equivalent of