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Commodities 2014 outlook

Contrary to initial apprehensions of a market backlash to anticipated Chinese slowdown, the metals demand growth in the Asian giant has actually surprised to the upside. This has been helped by strong raw material availability. What’s more, absolute demand growth

Guide to Commodities 2013

The recent fortunes made by investors in rare earth metals and gold are just two shining examples of what an extremely profitable investment class commodities can be. From aluminum and platinum to zinc and silver, oil and gas to cocoa

Worldbank commodity forecast for 2013 – Infographics

Following our article on Commodity Outlook – Forecast 2013, this is a graphical representation of the World Bank report for 2013. Price Comparisons – 2013 Forecasts Versus 2012 Actuals | Infographics

Commodity Outlook – Forecast 2013

The World bank has just released its latest commodity forecast report which looks at not only historical commodity prices but also forecasts for a wide range of commodity cost drivers in the global economy. You can access the Worldbank commodity