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European and Chinese Steel Prices Fall

Steel prices in China have fallen from $607 per tonne (£385) in January to $542 (£344) in October. In the US the price has dropped from $861 (£546) to $839 (£532) over the same period. According to Mintec, the European

Chinese steel exerts downward pressure on U.S. prices

In the U.S., current domestic hot-rolled steel prices are a whopping $209 per ton higher than the Chinese export price. As a result, Chinese steel exports have risen to record levels. China’s exports of steel products rose to a fresh

China net steel exporter

Lower steel prices and weak demand have prompted Chinese steelmakers to increase their sales abroad. China posted a record level of 6.85 million tons of net exports of steel products in May, up 10% from a month ago, customs data