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Rack Up Savings

Stan Hankowski, a seasoned Buyer with a major American retailer tells an intriguing story that shows how Purchasers can help themselves by helping their suppliers. He went to market last year to buy steel racking. He expected higher prices because he’d

EU steel price hikes have run out of steam

MEPS believes steel transaction values will decline in the remainder of the second trimester, despite higher mill input costs. Buyers are already anticipating discounts when third quarter negotiations get underway. Steel price rises have stalled in the European market. Increased

Steel Price Softens as Supply Solidifies –

“Steel buyers in the United States are bearish on the price outlook for hot-rolled,” he says. “They’re now receiving offers for hot-rolled band from abroad in the $740-$800 per-net-ton range, which compares to the domestic price in the $870-$890 per-ton

Plastics News – PET resin prices still soaring; PVC hikes smaller but ambitious

PET prices shot up an average of 8 cents per pound in February and another 5 cents per pound in March for a two-month leap of 13 cents per pound. Producers had been seeking a total of 16 cents for

Stainless Steel prices to fall as Nickel drops – MEPS

The LME nickel price plummeted from nearly US$29,000 per tonne on March 5 to just above US$25,000 per tonne on March 15. This will create negative pressure on stainless steel transaction values in the near term. In Europe, the alloy


EU Average Hot Rolled Coil transaction price soared by almost €100 per tonne in February. Buyers are anticipating further increases in domestic values of flat products in the second quarter as steelmakers make large upward adjustments, in line with higher

US flat steel prices gain slightly, but fall short of mill offers – Platts

The Platts price assessments for US-made hot-rolled and cold-rolled coil both increased $10/st Friday — based on deals, firm bids and offers — according to participants active in the market, but pockets of buyer resistance started to emerge. As such,

Steel/Scrap: Pricing Pause or Inflection Point? – UBS

Slipping scrap makes buyers skittish Global scrap prices are falling and UBS industry contacts see more weakness ahead. Scrap is often a leading steel price indicator. Even with Turkish buying and reasonable U.S. demand, they heard shred was $440/t this

World Average Carbon Steel Price forecast to rise significantly – MEPS

World Average Carbon Steel Price is forecast to exceed $US 1000 per tonne in the third quarter, according to preliminary analysis by the company. This figure compares with an annual average in 2010 of $US 733 per tonne and an

Panic buying still driving up US flat steel prices – Metals | Platts

The price of hot-rolled coil steel in the US increased another $5/st Wednesday to a midpoint of $670/st ex-works Indiana, as buyers scrambled to secure what tons they could, according to both buy- and sell-side players. The price of cold-rolled