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7 key factors for US reshoring

After making the case for reshoring in a previous article, PwC identified 7 key factors influencing potential US manufacturing resurgence. Obviously, labor cost is one of those factors but not the only one. “Industrial manufacturers may increasingly rethink their U.S.


  NEGOTIATOR’S TAKE:  With China’s labor advantage almost gone, you might want to think about bringing manufacturing work back to the U.S.   03.01.16 – Only a 4% gap between costs A recent report estimates that China’s effective labor costs


  NEGOTIATOR’S TAKE:  Construction material costs continue to fall – a good time to ask your contractor to re-quote or perhaps go back to the market for fresh bids.   01.15.16 – Bureau of Labour Statistics Producer Price Index Reports

US Productivity falls in Q4 2014

US Productivity fell at a 1.8% rate in the fourth quarter because output rose at a 3.2% pace but hours worked increased at a 5.1% rate, the largest jump in hours since the fourth quarter of 1998, after a revised

US labor costs fall at 1% rate

Productivity, the amount of output per hour of work, increased at an annual rate of 2.3% in the third quarter while labor costs fell at a rate of 1%, the Labor Department reported Wednesday. In the five-and-a-half years since the

Labor costs per employee international comparison

This great graphic was in a new report by KPMG “Competitive Alternatives Special Report: Focus on Tax“. It shows the labor costs of 10 large countries. Labor costs include wages and benefits. There are two parts of benefits, those that legally required

South Africa strikes: metal workers turn

The Platinum strike is barely over that already 220,000 members of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa are seeking wage increases above 10 percent. Employers are offering as much as 8 percent in the first 12 months of

US Unit labor costs fall by 1.4% in Q3

Unit labor costs – a gauge of the labor-related cost for any given unit of output – fell at a 1.4 per cent rate in the third quarter, roughly double the originally estimated fall, underscoring the lack of wage-related inflation

Soaring Chinese labor costs attract robots

From 2005 to 2012, average labor costs in Zhejiang, a hub for private manufacturing enterprises, almost tripled from 14,847 yuan to 41,370 yuan ($6,800) a year, an annual increase of nearly 16 percent. Zhejiang province is to invest 500 billion yuan

US labor costs flat in Q2 – Productivity up at 2.3%

Unit labor costs were flat in the second quarter, less than the 1.4 percent rise the government had initially estimated. U.S. workers were more productive from April through June than previously estimated while labor costs were unchanged. Productivity grew at