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Four Retailers making substantial Sustainability announcements in 2012

Dear Readers: We thought our readers might find this of interest. It’s short on details, but suggests a growing trend towards more sustainable retailing and sustainable supply chains amongst companies of varying sizes. Tom Bowers President, Virescent Consultants In the

Disney Announces Paper Sourcing and Use Policy

Disney has made a new commitment to ensure the Company’s operations and those of its licensees minimize their consumption of paper and maximize their use of recycled content. The paper sourcing and use policy recognizes the urgency of addressing deforestation, especially

IMF Report on Fiscal Policy to Mitigate Climate Change

IMF helps make carbon pricing the new normal. Europe does it. Australia does it. Even northeastern-situated states do it. Everyone’s doing it. Let’s do it. Let’s tax carbon. For me, that is an important message in IMF Managing Director Christine

Brazilian Iron Ore and the Environment – Copyright, Posted by permission

Three U.S. companies that are leaders in their fields–Nucor in steel, Cargill in agriculture, and ThyssenKrupp Waupaca in iron castings–are three of the leading U.S. purchasers of Brazilian pig iron. What are these American leaders doing to ensure that the

Five Rare Earths Crucial for Clean Energy Seen in Short Supply

Limited supplies of five rare-earth minerals pose a threat to increasing use of clean-energy technologies such as wind turbines and solar panels, a U.S. Energy Department report found. The substances — dysprosium, terbium, europium, neodymium and yttrium — face potential

Australia Sets Carbon-Pricing Regime

Australia plans to close some of the country’s biggest polluters and has pledged billions of dollars for renewable-energy projects as the government seeks to roll out one of the worlds largest national carbon-pricing plans. Australia is one of the world’s

Sustainable Purchasing and Supply Summit 2011

Congratulations to the event organizers and CIPS for putting together an excellent program for the inaugural sustainable purchasing summit in London.  Some very interesting topics and speakers. One of the stand-out messages from the day is that sustainable purchasing

Leaning towards Green

At the recent Sustainable Purchasing and Supply Summit in London last week, the point was made that Lean production is really the first step toward Green production. If your business is manufacturing, or even if it’s not, I’ll wager that you

Shipping Faces Calls to Lower Its Carbon Footprint –

Shipping is less visible to the public compared with airlines and smokestack industries, making it less exposed to calls for regulation. Shipping also carries about 90 percent of global trade at rates of efficiency already far higher than most ground

Low Carbon Palm Oil for Indonesia? | World Resources Institute

Low Carbon Palm Oil for Indonesia? | World Resources Institute Is this a supply chain risk or opportunity?