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Indonesia slaps ban on mineral ore exports

“The President has signed a decree stipulating that beginning January 12, all raw mineral or ores are banned from being exported,” Hatta Rajasa, the coordinating economic minister, said after a limited cabinet meeting led by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at

Tin outlook still unpredictable

Commodity markets volatility from coal to nickel and tin, which climbed to the highest level in more than six months after the Indonesian government restricted exports, is the direct result of Indonesia’s attempts to ease a record current account deficit by boosting revenue from its mining industry. Tin price

Tin supply in jeopardy

Indonesian tin exports have plummeted due to the Indonesian government’s efforts to try to control the tin trade through new regulation. As a consequence, the electronics industry is starting to worry for its supply. Tin is mainly used for soldering

Tin Prices Rise to 6-Month high on new Indonesian Trade Rule

Tin exports from Indonesia, the world’s largest, plunged to the lowest level in at least six years as a new rule requiring that the metal be traded on a local exchange before shipment restricted cargoes. Futures advanced 5.5 percent to

Tin prices up on Indonesian new regulation

Indonesia, which produces more than one-third of the world’s tin, began last Friday requiring exporters to sell through local exchanges. By steering trading away from London, the center of the global tin trade for almost 140 years, Indonesia hopes to