Our goal:

To create a interactive community of Purchasing Professionals who:

  • Help each other, by sharing marketplace information and negotiating tactics.
  • Help our profession, by raising its profile and status in the eyes of senior management.
  • Help our planet, by raising awareness of the environmental impact of our sourcing decisions.

Blog Contributors:

Rod Sherkin

Rod SherkinRod is a former senior executive, responsible for Purchasing, at both Pillsbury and Ball Packaging back in the 80’s and 90’s. Since then, he has continued to work in the Purchasing field as both a consultant and founder of the website Propurchaser.com. He can be reached at rod@propurchaser.com.

Angela Frank

Angela FrankAngela has been spent most of her career in Purchasing, learning the ropes the hard way – working in the pressure-cooker of custom manufacturing. She was Purchasing Manager for CDA Industries in 2004 when she left to join Propurchaser.com as V.P. Customer Support. Angela can be reached at angela@propurchaser.com.



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Thousands of Professional Purchasers visit this blog every month. They want to stay on top of marketplace developments and are looking for ideas to help them negotiate with suppliers. Do you have an idea or good ‘war story’ and want to make a contribution to this blog?

If so, please let us know. We’ll even help write it, if your time is tight.

Send me a brief description of your idea at blog@propurchaser.com and we’ll get right back to you.


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