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Four Retailers making substantial Sustainability announcements in 2012

Dear Readers: We thought our readers might find this of interest. It’s short on details, but suggests a growing trend towards more sustainable retailing and sustainable supply chains amongst companies of varying sizes. Tom Bowers President, Virescent Consultants In the

Ford sets out action on supply chain sustainability

Motor industry giant Ford has set out the steps it is taking to reduce the carbon footprint of its supply chain in its “2009/10 Blueprint for Sustainability: The Future at Work”. In May Ford set out plans to survey its


This is the first article discussing the results of our ongoing survey examining what Supply-Chain professionals in North America are thinking and (more importantly) doing about greening their supply-chains. We certainly hear a lot about the importance of reducing the


  A ProPurchaser GREENWATCH: More time spent on-site in the warehouse reduces a carbon footprint and helps the bottom line.     When considering the greening of any supply chain it is easy to ignore the impact of warehousing and distribution

Is Cocoa running wild again?

Cocoa futures dipped in swaps-related dealings in light volumes but remained near last week’s 32-month peak, underpinned by expectations of a global deficit and concerns over weather and prospects for West African main crops. “There are concerns that weather, possibly

Sustainable supply-chain at risk: the US drought example

Weekly drought figures released  by the US Drought Monitor show the situation continues to be a problem with approximately 50% of continental US now suffering from a moderate drought or worse. Despite recent precipitation bringing welcome relief and downgrading of the

Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain Report

The 2012-13 annual Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Supply Chain report has been recently published. There is a glut of useful information within the 22 pages, and here are some of the highlights. Firstly, the report concludes that climate change is

The importance of managing water in your supply chain

No matter the place — California’s Central Valley, southern Nevada, the Colorado River, the Southern Plains — water is harder to find across much of the West. And, with energy demand and populations growing, once-unfathomable choices about water pricing and

Disney Announces Paper Sourcing and Use Policy

Disney has made a new commitment to ensure the Company’s operations and those of its licensees minimize their consumption of paper and maximize their use of recycled content. The paper sourcing and use policy recognizes the urgency of addressing deforestation, especially

Iron-Ore Mining Firms Boost Output, Prices –

The world’s biggest iron-ore miners are running at record production rates and boosting prices, maintaining the upward momentum begun in earnest in the second half of 2010. In anticipation of continued high raw-material costs, steelmakers are trying to boost their