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Cutting Carbon in the Supply Chain

For many manufactured products, the majority of their carbon footprint comes from energy used in extracting, refining, processing, manufacturing and transportation. There are several options for reducing the carbon footprint: · redesign manufacturing process; use alternative raw materials and new

MIT Researchers See Natural Gas as the Choice for Lower Carbon Emissions

A new report out of MIT explores the carbon-reduction challenges faced by the United States, and concludes Natural gas is best. The scenario goes like this, according to MIT: Nuclear power, renewable energy and carbon capture and sequestration are relatively expensive

America is kicking its oil habit

“It is a great success story that we are now producing oil in the quantity that we are,” U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew said in an interview in New York. “The independence that we’ve developed in the energy sector,

Ethanol at six-week low on EIA report

Last week, Ethanol declined to a six-week low after a government report showed production of the biofuel rose to a record. Ethanol futures for August tumbled 3.7% to $1.991 a gallon in Chicago. Corn futures for July, meanwhile, stood 1.0%

Four Retailers making substantial Sustainability announcements in 2012

Dear Readers: We thought our readers might find this of interest. It’s short on details, but suggests a growing trend towards more sustainable retailing and sustainable supply chains amongst companies of varying sizes. Tom Bowers President, Virescent Consultants In the

Australia Sets Carbon-Pricing Regime

Australia plans to close some of the country’s biggest polluters and has pledged billions of dollars for renewable-energy projects as the government seeks to roll out one of the worlds largest national carbon-pricing plans. Australia is one of the world’s