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Current Issue PET Heats Up – Recycling Today magazine

Prices for polyester fiber typically climb in response to increasing cotton prices, as manufacturers seek alternatives to the material, according to Ian Hardin, a textiles professor at the University of Georgia College of Family and Consumer Sciences, who is quoted

The Carbon Benefits of Recycled Materials

The benefits of avoiding extraction and primary processing are usually significant, even when collection, transport and reprocessing of recycled material is taken into account. An increasing range of recycled products are coming onto the market, such as glass, steel, aluminium,


  A ProPurchaser GREENWATCH: More time spent on-site in the warehouse reduces a carbon footprint and helps the bottom line.     When considering the greening of any supply chain it is easy to ignore the impact of warehousing and distribution

Chinese steel exerts downward pressure on U.S. prices

In the U.S., current domestic hot-rolled steel prices are a whopping $209 per ton higher than the Chinese export price. As a result, Chinese steel exports have risen to record levels. China’s exports of steel products rose to a fresh

Toward a bull run for lead and zinc?

From aluminum to copper, prices of almost all metals have been in decline since the beginning of the year, plagued by stocks and surpluses. But two of them have moved in the opposite direction: lead and zinc prices are on the rise,

Aluminum industry getting greener

Quebec’s aluminum companies said yesterday they’re well on their way to meeting their commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Representatives of the major aluminum companies announced yesterday that they are on track to meet targets set in 2007, cutting the equivalent of