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Palm oil prices slip to 5-year low

“The overall vegetable oil sector is effectively swimming in supply, or will be swimming in supply by the time we get to the end of the year,” Singapore-based Gordon said in a phone interview. The most-active price on Bursa Malaysia

Palm oil at 6-week high on Brazil drought

The price of palm oil is at a six-week high, on speculation of an increase in overseas  demand due to fears of a soybeans supply shortage. Investors indeed fear that the low soybean production due to the Brazil drought, the

Palm oil: stockpiles dragging prices down

Palm oil, the world’s most-used cooking oil, has slumped this year as demand slowed from importers including China and the European Union, and stockpiles surged because of a seasonal increase in production. Futures in Malaysia, the global benchmark, may tumble to 2,600

Palm oil is set to boom: you should buy in now according to MoneyWeek

Palm oil production in Malaysia is set to slow in the first half of this year, says Dorab Mistry at Indian consumer products group Godrej International, who correctly forecast that palm oil prices would bottom last autumn. Maybe even more

Palm Oil Seen Advancing 23%

At a time when consumers are focused on food costs that are within about 3 percent of a record, stockpiles of edible oils needed to make everything from noodles to fish sticks are dropping to a 3-decade low. The combined

Low Carbon Palm Oil for Indonesia? | World Resources Institute

Low Carbon Palm Oil for Indonesia? | World Resources Institute Is this a supply chain risk or opportunity?

Wheat: American soils victims of the consequences of drought

Despite the rain from November to January, the American cultures should still undergo a major water deficit in 2013. The drought of 2012, the worst in the last fifty years, has resulted in the soil drying out which is difficult for

Candy-to-Fuel Demand Cuts Oil Inventory to Lowest Since 1975: Commodities
How will El Niño impact commodities in 2014?

Forecasters from the United States to Australia are strengthening predictions for the arrival of an El Nino in 2014, and Goldman Sachs Group this week listed palm oil among the crops that could be hurt. The events, which affect weather

Food prices on the rise in the US

After the FAO Food Price Index of 55 food items rose 2.6 percent last month, food prices in the US rose 0.4% in February, the most since September 2011, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said Tuesday. Beef and veal shoppers