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Europe styrene bids down 17% in one day

On Tuesday evening, December styrene bids hit $890/tonne FOB Rotterdam, with talk of a deal done at this level, although this could not be immediately confirmed. This is the lowest bid level since 4 June 2009 when they were at $880/tonne FOB

European and Chinese Steel Prices Fall

Steel prices in China have fallen from $607 per tonne (£385) in January to $542 (£344) in October. In the US the price has dropped from $861 (£546) to $839 (£532) over the same period. According to Mintec, the European

North American steel at 2-year highs; not true in China and Europe

Steel prices in Asia and Europe are at around 4-1/2 year lows, partly thanks to falling raw material costs like iron ore, but also oversupply built up since the 2008 financial crisis. However, in North America, prices are near two-year

Shale gas – Europe – The current situation

The energy revolution experienced by the United States for the past ten years will not come to Europe anytime soon. Members of the European Union are indeed very divided on the issue of the exploitation of non-conventional energy resources. In

Shale gas: the European Parliament advises caution

The European Parliament voted last Wednesday two resolutions calling on the EU countries to exercise restraint on the development of shale gas. It calls for “strong regulatory regimes” regarding hydraulic fracturing, the biggest point of contention regarding the exploitation of shale gas. European countries

European styrene set to soar after Shell Chemical’s force majeure

The sudden declaration of force majeure by Shell Chemicals saw November styrene spot prices gain $75/tonne since the beginning of the week. European styrene prices are expected to soar following Shell Chemicals‘ declaration of force majeure on styrene at its

MEPS Europe: Steel price down in September

Low demand, financial crisis in Europe, long delivery lead times, european buyers believing the steel price trend to be negative are all driving poor sentiment in the flat products sector. In all main EU countries, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain,

Shale gas: Europe would not reach energy self-sufficiency

On September 7th 2012, the European Commission published three new studies on unconventional fossil fuels, in particular shale gas. The studies look at the potential effects of these fuels on energy markets , the potential climate impact of shale gas production

Highest recorded European styrene spot prices since July 2008

European styrene spot prices are at their highest level since July 2008 because of a lack of availability and a surprising level of demand, market sources said on Friday. September spot styrene was offered at $1,700/tonne (€1,343/tonne) FOB (free on

Shale Gas: the situation in Europe

As France takes the path of experimentation on shale gas, many European countries have launched investigations for future exploitation. But Bulgaria, Germany and the UK recently froze all exploration. After commissioning a study on the various regulations and procedures relating