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A Supplier’s Advice for Purchasing Custom Tradeshow Exhibits & Environments

Dear Purchasing Professional, We usually don’t get to speak with you directly when we respond to an RFP. But if we could, this is what we’d say. We’d like you to know that to get the best value when buying

Brazilian Iron Ore and the Environment – Copyright, Posted by permission

Three U.S. companies that are leaders in their fields–Nucor in steel, Cargill in agriculture, and ThyssenKrupp Waupaca in iron castings–are three of the leading U.S. purchasers of Brazilian pig iron. What are these American leaders doing to ensure that the

How companies think about climate change – McKinsey Quarterly – Energy, Resources, Materials – Environment

You might find this interesting: Against a backdrop of rising global concern about the environment and climate change, a McKinsey Quarterly survey finds that executives view climate change issues as important for their companies, seeing both opportunity and risk. The

Corporate Social Responsibility in supply chains: an example of aluminum refining

Commodity production in many parts of the world causes huge problems for local communities. Extractive industries located in areas with poor environmental protection and enforcement can be particularly damaging. For example this contentious aluminum refinery in Niyamgiri, India: The battle

The Carbon Benefits of Recycled Materials

The benefits of avoiding extraction and primary processing are usually significant, even when collection, transport and reprocessing of recycled material is taken into account. An increasing range of recycled products are coming onto the market, such as glass, steel, aluminium,

GREENDEX: Survey of Sustainable Consumption

If your business is expanding into new markets or facing competition in existing ones, can you benefit from enhancing your green credentials to meet consumer preferences? Greening your supply chain could provide a competitive edge in markets where consumers are increasingly


If you want to really use your buying power to make an environmental difference, make sure that any “green” criteria for vendor selection are widely publicized so that your suppliers’ competitors hear about them too. In this way, encouraging a


Re-shoring Gives Economic Hope to Manufacturers Offshore outsourcing has become one of the hot button political issues of the day. Especially in light of the U.S. economic downturn, there is a desperate need for more jobs for American workers, while


  A ProPurchaser GREENWATCH: More time spent on-site in the warehouse reduces a carbon footprint and helps the bottom line.     When considering the greening of any supply chain it is easy to ignore the impact of warehousing and distribution


NEGOTIATOR’S TAKE:  Falling steel prices mean opportunities continue to negotiate prices reductions for steel components.   U.S. hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel coil prices were still under pressure on Monday with many anticipating further declines but current levels were unchanged.  Platts