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Shale gas blasts open world energy market

Unconventional treasure: Shale gas is trapped deep inside rock formations. Shale gas is a new and abundant source of natural gas, trapped in rock formations. Oil companies have known about it for decades but always dismissed it because it was too

Shale gas: Europe would not reach energy self-sufficiency

On September 7th 2012, the European Commission published three new studies on unconventional fossil fuels, in particular shale gas. The studies look at the potential effects of these fuels on energy markets , the potential climate impact of shale gas production

How Natural Gas Is Changing the Global Energy Market

“The U.S. is the largest natural gas producer in the world. We now have one of the largest supplies in the world,” said Hersh. “Were the third largest oil producer. We’re the largest coal supplier. Were not a resource poor

Trucks Run on Natural Gas in Pickens Clean Energy Drive

Using natural gas could cut fuel costs by more than $20,000 for a truck traveling a typical long-haul distance of 100,000 miles (161,000 kilometers) a year, according to JMP Securities LLC’s Shawn Severson. Shares in Clean Energy and Westport are

Five Rare Earths Crucial for Clean Energy Seen in Short Supply

Limited supplies of five rare-earth minerals pose a threat to increasing use of clean-energy technologies such as wind turbines and solar panels, a U.S. Energy Department report found. The substances — dysprosium, terbium, europium, neodymium and yttrium — face potential

Natural Gas Slump Boosts Heating Oil Trading: Energy Markets –

“Natural gas looks like it’s settled into a situation of structural oversupply,” said Antoine Halff, head of energy research at New York-based brokerage Newedge USA LLC. “The perception is that heating oil is a market subject to significant swings from

Natural Gas Erodes Coal’s Share at Power Plants: Energy Markets –

Natural gas’s unprecedented share of U.S. power generation is likely to keep growing as the biggest price slide in a year and the prospect of stricter pollution rules erode the market for coal. Electricity generated using natural gas will rise

How companies think about climate change – McKinsey Quarterly – Energy, Resources, Materials – Environment

You might find this interesting: Against a backdrop of rising global concern about the environment and climate change, a McKinsey Quarterly survey finds that executives view climate change issues as important for their companies, seeing both opportunity and risk. The

Cutting Carbon in the Supply Chain

For many manufactured products, the majority of their carbon footprint comes from energy used in extracting, refining, processing, manufacturing and transportation. There are several options for reducing the carbon footprint: · redesign manufacturing process; use alternative raw materials and new


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