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Cutting Carbon in the Supply Chain

For many manufactured products, the majority of their carbon footprint comes from energy used in extracting, refining, processing, manufacturing and transportation. There are several options for reducing the carbon footprint: ยท redesign manufacturing process; use alternative raw materials and new

New Tool to Measure (and Manage) the carbon footprint of your supply Chain
The Carbon Benefits of Recycled Materials

The benefits of avoiding extraction and primary processing are usually significant, even when collection, transport and reprocessing of recycled material is taken into account. An increasing range of recycled products are coming onto the market, such as glass, steel, aluminium,

China first carbon market kicks off in Shenzhen

The city of Shenzhen became yesterday the first region in China to introduce a mandatory emissions trading scheme (ETS).”It is a clear indication that they are serious about reducing emissions and bringing down pollution levels.” The new markets are set

Hotels Come Together on Carbon Footprint

An interesting development from the hotel and hospitality industry as some big players join forces to standardize a carbon footprint methodology. As 80% of Fortune 500 companies now participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project, we are likely to see more

Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain Report

The 2012-13 annual Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Supply Chain report has been recently published. There is a glut of useful information within the 22 pages, and here are some of the highlights. Firstly, the report concludes that climate change is

Australia Sets Carbon-Pricing Regime

Australia plans to close some of the country’s biggest polluters and has pledged billions of dollars for renewable-energy projects as the government seeks to roll out one of the worlds largest national carbon-pricing plans. Australia is one of the world’s

World Average Carbon Steel Price forecast to rise significantly – MEPS

World Average Carbon Steel Price is forecast to exceed $US 1000 per tonne in the third quarter, according to preliminary analysis by the company. This figure compares with an annual average in 2010 of $US 733 per tonne and an

Shipping Faces Calls to Lower Its Carbon Footprint –

Shipping is less visible to the public compared with airlines and smokestack industries, making it less exposed to calls for regulation. Shipping also carries about 90 percent of global trade at rates of efficiency already far higher than most ground

COMMODITIES: U.S. Carbon Trading Centers on California –

California will become the next test site for emissions trading in the U.S. as exchanges line up new climate-related markets in the state, following the shelving of a national cap-and-trade plan to cut greenhouse gases. Three exchange groups are preparing