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Corporate Social Responsibility in supply chains: an example of aluminum refining

Commodity production in many parts of the world causes huge problems for local communities. Extractive industries located in areas with poor environmental protection and enforcement can be particularly damaging. For example this contentious aluminum refinery in Niyamgiri, India: The battle


NEGOTIATOR’S TAKE: Good to know next time you are talking to your aluminum or aluminum parts supplier. Manufacturers of goods from cars to soda cans are benefiting from declining aluminum costs, a sign that new warehouse rules aimed at loosening the

Aluminum rises to 18-month high

Aluminum for delivery in three months climbed 1 percent to $2,083 a metric ton at 5:50 p.m. on the London Metal Exchange, after touching $2,100, the highest since February 2013. The LME was shut on Monday for a national holiday.

Aluminum surges on bauxite supply shortage

Aluminum for delivery in three months added 1 percent to close at $1,814.50 a ton Friday on the London Metal Exchange after touching $1,824.15, the highest since April 29. The aluminum market will be in deficit this year by 1.3 million

The end of aluminum 9-year surplus

A broad look at the aluminum market shows that it’s not just this past year that the metal has performed poorly — it’s been down in the dumps for nearly a decade. As Bloomberg notes, “there have been nine years of

Aluminum oversupply translates to four-year low prices

Prices for aluminum, the second most widely used metal after steel, for delivery in 3 months settled 0.2 percent lower at $1,754 a ton, the lowest since July 2009, on the London Metal Exchange today. According to the World Bureau of

Aluminum Prices Seen Dropping as LME Unclogs Depots

The Midwest surcharge, the U.S. benchmark, will drop 22 percent to 8 cents a pound by the end of June, the Bloomberg survey showed, after the LME will accelerate the delivery of another 2 million tons of aluminum onto the

Aluminum outlook – Forecast 2013

Stuck in a pattern of structural oversupply, Barclays Research forecasts the price of aluminum to stay around 2,000 dollars per ton. It has tested several alternative scenarios to try to understand how the light metal market will evolve. Despite ever

Aluminum: China is running out of bauxite
Some Aluminum Production Dips Below Costs; Output Cuts Likely If Condition Persists

Three-months aluminum fell as far as $2,054.75 a metric ton on the London Metal Exchange Monday, the lowest level in 14 months and down 27% from the May peak of $2,803 a ton.“As a result, increasing numbers of aluminum smelters