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NEGOTIATOR’S TAKE:  Not all plastic feedstocks are up – good information for pushing back against increases for Polyethylene and PVC based products and components An upwards price surge for PS and PP may continue this month, although the driving factors are

North American prices fall for polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC
Polypropylene prices up 10 cents per pound; PVC up 8 cents

Since May 1, regional prices for PP have climbed an average of 10 cents per pound, according to buyers and sellers contacted recently by Plastics News. It’s the third time already this year that prices have absorbed a double-digit monthly

Plastics News – PET resin prices still soaring; PVC hikes smaller but ambitious

PET prices shot up an average of 8 cents per pound in February and another 5 cents per pound in March for a two-month leap of 13 cents per pound. Producers had been seeking a total of 16 cents for

Negotiate knowing what you SHOULD be paying

In a Perfect World Imagine the negotiating edge you would have if you knew—and could demonstrate—what you SHOULD be paying for the products you buy, especially when suppliers come to you with sad tales about price increases they just can’t

Petrochemical prices plunge on crude

The monthly global ICIS petrochemical index (IPEX), charting price settlements for November contracts, dropped by 6.8% from a revised month earlier figure with the northeast Asia sub-index falling 7.6% and the indexes for Europe and the US down 6.7% and