Purchasers’ turn to shine

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LeadershipIt’s still quite scary out there: recession clouds are still lurking. Sales volumes are struggling to rise; unfortunately, costs are struggling less, as suppliers pile on price increases, citing higher raw material costs as the reason.

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What can Purchasers do?……plenty, by taking a leadership role in pushing back costs. Makes sense when you think about it. Your role is critical, since purchases typically represent the largest single source of cost savings for most organizations. Try this 3-step approach.

via Purchasers’ Turn to Shine on Propurchaser.

Rod Sherkin

Rod is a former senior executive, responsible for Purchasing, for both Pillsbury and Ball Packaging back in the 80’s and 90’s. Since then, he has continued to work in the Purchasing field as both a consultant and founder of the website Propurchaser.com.

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