The Marketplace and the Five-Hundred Pound Gorilla

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Five-hundred pound gorillaPurchasers know how hard it can be to convince our superiors & peers that we are doing a good job.
We struggle with Suppliers all the time, arguing, calculating, cajoling, pushing back to get the lowest possible all-in costs – and still we sometimes go over budget!

Does this mean we are doing a poor job? Probably not!

via The Marketplace and the Five-Hundred Pound Gorilla on Propurchaser.

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Rod Sherkin

Rod is a former senior executive, responsible for Purchasing, for both Pillsbury and Ball Packaging back in the 80’s and 90’s. Since then, he has continued to work in the Purchasing field as both a consultant and founder of the website

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  1. Dawn G.

    Sometimes I think that people have an unrealistic idea of what things should cost and are therefore disappointed no matter how good a job we do.

    Also, some of the senior management are from a different era – where purchasers threatened vendors/contractors into submission. In the era of partnerships, threats don’t work. They are not productive.

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