Fishing with Suppliers: A ProPurchaser CORE PRACTICE

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ProPurchaser CORE PRACTICE #5: Go “Fishing” with Suppliers.


Big fishI once had a very smart boss whose favorite expression was “Fish where the big fish are!”
So where do the “big fish” lurk for reducing costs for the products and services we purchase – in better pricing, in longer terms, in faster order processing, in speedier delivery? All important yes, but in my experience they are not the trophy-fish.

The best costsavings opportunities are to be found in your suppliers’ organizations: knowledge and ideas inside the heads of their managers, engineers, operations and planning staff.

via Negotiating Nugget on Propurchaser.

Rod Sherkin

Rod is a former senior executive, responsible for Purchasing, for both Pillsbury and Ball Packaging back in the 80’s and 90’s. Since then, he has continued to work in the Purchasing field as both a consultant and founder of the website

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