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NEGOTIATOR’S TAKE: $40 Crude brings opportunity to negotiate lower prices for a wide variety of products   |


08.12.16 – Crude settles at $40.06 a barrel, down from early June –

Oil prices entered a bear market, briefly dipping below $40 a barrel, underscoring the deep concerns over a supply glut that has plagued the industry for two years.

Crude for September delivery finished down $1.54, or 3.7%, to $40.06 on the New York Mercantile Exchange on Monday, marking the ninth time in 11 sessions that prices have closed lower. Prices have dropped 22% in less than two months, ending a rally that took prices above $50 in early June.

“We need to be prepared for lower prices and volatility,” Ryan Lance, chief executive of ConocoPhillips, said during a conference call last week. “It’s going to take well into 2017 before we see any real increases in prices.”


New bear market the 5th since two-year high in 2013

The oil market has repeatedly rallied during its long-running bust, only to falter and head back down. This bear market is the fifth since oil hit a two-year high above $100 a barrel in 2013. The culprit is a glut that has left the market awash in oil despite record demand for gasoline in the U.S.

Production by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries was near its all-time high in July, and Saudi Arabia’s state oil company recently made some of its deepest price cuts in years. Canadian production has come back after wildfires caused temporary outages.

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