NEGOTIATOR’S TAKE:  Not all plastic feedstocks are up – good information for pushing back against increases for Polyethylene and PVC based products and components

An upwards price surge for PS and PP may continue this month, although the driving factors are markedly different for the two resins: a spike in feedstock costs and tight supply for PS, strong demand for PP.  At the same time, prices for PE and PVC have remained flat, despite price increases already on the table.  Renewed attempts are being made by suppliers of both, and whether they have “legs” remains to be seen.  These are among the views of purchasing consultants at Resin Technology, Inc. (RTi), Fort Worth, Texas and CEO Michael Greenberg of The Plastics Exchange in Chicago.



Polyethylene prices were flat in June, following the 5¢/lb May increase.  Although suppliers were aiming for another 5¢/lb bump in July….read the rest of the ProPurchaser sourced article, here.


Source: Plastics Technology, August 2015

Article Author: LILLI MANOLIS SHERMAN, Senior Editor – View her profile at: LinkedIn


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