Fear of copper supply disruptions to come

Copper Apr 11, 2013 No Comments

CopperCopper prices have fallen since February amid expectations of a supply glut, but buyers say they are starting to pay hefty fees to get metal when they need it—on top of the actual price of copper—because so much is being diverted into warehouses.

Two major commodities-trading firms have amassed much of the world’s copper supplies in their warehouses, partly by paying to divert shipments away from other storage hubs, traders and analysts say.

This concentration of copper supplies has sparked concerns among industrial consumers of the metal. Some manufacturers and builders say they are worried that those stockpiles of copper—which is used in goods including automobiles, circuit boards and plumbing fixtures—could prove tough to procure if demand were to pick up sharply or output from mines were disrupted.

via Two Firms Amass Much of World’s Copper Supply – WSJ.com.

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