Commodity Outlook – Forecast 2013

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World BankThe World bank has just released its latest commodity forecast reportWorld Bank commodity price forecast update - January 2013 which looks at not only historical commodity prices but also forecasts for a wide range of commodity cost drivers in the global economy.

You can access the Worldbank commodity forecast for 2013 – Infographics to get a better understanding of the numbers in the report.

This document should prove useful if you are asked to project future cost trends for either the raw materials you purchase, or the finished goods you are responsible for.

It lists 43 different commodities and what the World bank expects their price points to be in 2013 and the following years. Obviously, the idea here is not to take the exact prices from this report but the evolution in percentage that will help you forecast what the impact will be on your finished goods costs using a Commodity Intelligence solution like ProPurchaser and help in your sourcing and negotiation with suppliers.

The World bank is not alone in forecasting commodities for 2013 and beyond.

Morgan Stanley also published a list of 14 commodities and their expected evolution over the next 2 years.

In its commodities outlook for 2013, Deutsche Bank expect a more constructive outlook for commodity returns heading into 2013, viewing energy and industrial metals as undervalued.

Finally, the research unit of UniCredit, an Italian bank, also published this month its commodity forecast for 2013 for this year on Brent crude and 5 others industrial and precious metals.

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