Trucks Run on Natural Gas in Pickens Clean Energy Drive

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Clean energyUsing natural gas could cut fuel costs by more than $20,000 for a truck traveling a typical long-haul distance of 100,000 miles (161,000 kilometers) a year, according to JMP Securities LLC’s Shawn Severson. Shares in Clean Energy and Westport are up at least 30 percent since the end of last year.

Natural gas is green in terms of the environment, but the real green is in the money,” said Severson, a San Francisco- based clean-technology analyst. “If you do not have this fuel in your fleet for whatever percentage is appropriate, you’re going to be at an economic disadvantage.”

“It’s a helluva deal for the country,” Pickens, the 83- year old founder and chairman of Dallas-based BP Capital LLC, said in a telephone interview. He’s also Clean Energy’s largest shareholder, owning 23 percent as of yesterday. “It’s low- hanging fruit. It’s just sitting there,” he said.

via Trucks Run on Natural Gas in Pickens Clean Energy Drive – Bloomberg.

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