Glut of raw materials for plastics and synthetic rubber lowering prices

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Plastics symbolsEthane at the Mont Belvieu, Texas trading hub, a traditional pricing benchmark, sold for 28.4 cents per gallon Tuesday, down from a peak average of 89 cents in October, according to Platts research. Propane at Mont Belvieu sold for 79.65 cents per gallon, down from $1.47 a gallon in October.

The weak prices, which may last for several years due to a mismatch between supply and demand according to many market observers, could provide an unexpected hit to earnings and cash flow for many exploration and production companies.

 The U.S. saw record production of natural-gas liquids, or NGLs, in 2011, of about 2.18 million barrels per day, according to the Independent Petroleum Association of America.

Natural-gas liquids, produced from oil and natural-gas wells, are forms of gas that are liquid when they reach the surface or are easily turned into a liquid. They have many uses but are mainly used in making plastics and synthetic rubber.

via For Energy Producers, Natural Gas May Not Be the Only Source of a Glut –

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