MEPS Says Global Steel Output To Expand By 100 Million Tonnes This Year

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MEPS’ forecast for crude steel manufacturing in North America for 2012 is 123 million tonnes – up 3.3 percent, year-on-year. US steel mills maintained strong activity in 2011, despite poor market conditions in the second half. A more modest rise, at around 3 percent, is envisaged this year.

World steel production will continue its inexorable rise in 2012 despite downbeat economic prospects, states MEPS (International) Ltd. in its latest issue of World Steel Outlook.

New housing and construction projects in the emerging and developing countries are expected to fuel increasing activity in the industry. Once again, a large proportion of the improvement will take place in the Asian continent.

MEPS Global Crude Steel Production   Forecast
(Million   Tonnes)
Region 2011(e) 2012(f)
European Union 177.7 184.5
Other Europe/CIS 151.4 159.9
North America 119.1 123.0
South America 48.7 51.5
Africa/Middle East 36.7 39.8
China* 731.0 800.0
Japan 108.0 110.5
Other Asia/Oceania 192.1 200.9
World Total 1564.7 1670.0
(e) – Estimate (f) – Forecast
* adjusted to account for under-reporting
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