Surplus for lead and zinc

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ZincThe International Lead and Zinc Study Group (ILZSG) released on June 18 its supply and demand data for Q1 2012. The study group found an oversupply for both metals: zinc and lead.

The gap between supply and demand reached 121,000 tons for zinc, against 191,000 tons last year for the same period. The extraction is increasing in most producing countries, especially India, Ireland, Russia and Mexico. Consumption has meanwhile increased by 1.4% worldwide, despite a decline of 8.2% in Europe following the economic downturn.

As for lead, the surplus is down to 22,000 tons, from 76,000 tons in 2011. World production increased by 24.4% mainly thanks to China, whereas demand fell by 4.3%. It remained stable in Europe but fell in China.

After soaring earlier this year on the LME, prices of zinc and lead have fallen back since, to 1,877 dollars per ton and 1,904 dollars per ton respectively on June 19.

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