Cotton Futures Surge

Cotton Jun 20, 2012 No Comments

CottonCotton futures surged 6% to the exchange-imposed upper limit Tuesday as investors with bets that prices would fall found themselves victims of a “short squeeze”—thanks largely to recent purchases by China.

A short squeeze occurs when investors who shorted the market, or bet on declining prices, are forced to pay higher prices to exit their wagers in a market where prices are rising rapidly.

Speculators are scrambling to get out of the July contract before Monday, when the exchange-imposed daily trading limit is lifted as the July contract goes to delivery. Analysts expect prices to swing wildly after that.

Front-month ICE cotton for July delivery rose five cents to settle at 87.98 cents a pound Tuesday. The upper trading ceiling was hit even though ICE had raised the trading limit from three cents to five cents for Tuesday’s session.

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