Sustainable Purchasing and Supply Summit 2011

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Sustainable supply purchasing summit
Congratulations to the event organizers and CIPS for putting together an excellent program for the inaugural sustainable purchasing summit in London.  Some very interesting topics and speakers.

One of the stand-out messages from the day is that sustainable purchasing is delivering substantial and measureable benefits for businesses embracing the concept. The time and money invested to make CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) part of the supply-chain is paying dividends and delivering serious ROI. Reported benefits come from areas such as:

Financial savings; cutting costs through lean production and avoided risks

Stakeholder goodwill; enhanced collaboration and innovation

Corporate values; brand image, recruitment and retention of staff

Marketing; protecting and increasing sales

Improved risk management; compliance and regulation

However, embedding CSR in a supply chain remains a significant challenge for a host of reasons, not least because you can be exposed to new risks.  Fortunately, there is a growing body of expertise, tools and good practice for purchasers to draw on. Whatever the size and type of business you work for, the message is clear: Sustainable Purchasing is growing in importance, it pays dividends, and is here to stay.

To learn more about supply-chain CSR, you are welcome to contact

Tom Bowers

Tom is an environmental and life cycle analyst and a supply-management advocate. He believes that Purchasers are in a great position to deliver sustainability goals and objectives for all types of organization. He has worked for over 10 years in Policy and Research in government, the 3rd sector and private sector. More importantly, he has a wealth of ideas to share with the supply chain profession.