Analysis: Eurozone Labor Costs Rose Faster Than Expected In 1Q

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Labor cost in EuropeThe annual increase in Eurozone labor costs accelerated sharply in 1Q to +2.6%, boosted by a pick-up in wage costs and especially employer payroll contributions, Eurostat said Monday.

Most analysts had expected a more moderate annual rise of 2% at most.

After bottoming out in the middle of last year, labor costs gains have now recouped over half the slowdown from the previous high of 3.5% in the spring of 2009, but they are still far below the pre-crisis peak of 4.3%.

Stronger labor cost increases in 1Q reflected both faster wage gains, up 2.3% on the year after +1.4% in 4Q, and a spike in non-wage costs, which include social security contributions and employment taxes, to a two-year high of 3.6% — double the rise in 4Q.

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