Sharp price increase for Titanium Dioxide / TiO2

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Titanium Dioxyde - TiO2North American TiO2 prices reached $1.30-1.44/lb €0.80-1.00/lb, up by 6-7 cents from the start of the fourth quarter 2010.
TiO2 has seen a sharp global upward price spiral over the last twelve months. European prices for the pigment increased by €100-200/tonne in the first quarter of 2011.

The increase continued a trend seen throughout 2010, when prices soared by €450-470/tonne over the course of the year. According to pricing service ICIS, free delivered NWE north west Europe TiO2 prices were trading between €2,300-2,550/tonne in early March.

Asian TiO2 prices jumped by $100-200/tonne €69-138/tonne at the beginning of the year to $2,800-3,000/tonne €1,900-2,100/tonne CFR cost and freight Asia, following the price hike announcements of $150-200/tonne €100-138/tonne by major producers in November.

via European Plastics News.

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