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This blog contains proven, useful techniques and best practices that will help you better prepare for negotiations with suppliers. The benefits are obvious, both for you and your employer.

But before you read any further, we strongly suggest you take a few minutes and watch this video:

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It contains excerpts from a lecture given by Rod Sherkin at Bryant University, Rhode Island.  Watching will put everything below into context and – more importantly – accelerate your mastering of ProPurchaser’s CORE PRACTICES.

The Carbon Benefits of Recycled Materials

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RecyclingThe benefits of avoiding extraction and primary processing are usually significant, even when collection, transport and reprocessing of recycled material is taken into account.

An increasing range of recycled products are coming onto the market, such as glass, steel, aluminium, plastics and paper. Usually calculating the carbon benefit is reasonably straightforward. As the final products must perform to similar standards (whether from virgin or recycled materials) in order to compete in the market place, the carbon footprint during their ‘use phase’ will also be very similar.

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NEGOTIATOR’S TAKE: Great time to approach your Stainless Steel parts suppliers for a price decrease.


Nickel already halved its year-to-date value

This week, prices fell below the $10,000 per metric ton, a physiological resistance level.  Prices are now approaching the record low of 2009 when prices hit $8,850/mt.  If so, nickel would be the first industrial metal to fall below recession levels.

Nickel prices graph

The slump in prices made some producers cut output and we’ve heard people talking about a price spike as producers are underwater.  But as you are aware, production costs do not determine prices, investors do….read the rest of this ProPurchaser sourced article, HERE.


Source: Metal Miner, August 2015

Article Author: RAUL DE FRUTOS (view his biography, HERE)

7 key factors for US reshoring

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Reshoring USAAfter making the case for reshoring in a previous article, PwC identified 7 key factors influencing potential US manufacturing resurgence. Obviously, labor cost is one of those factors but not the only one.

“Industrial manufacturers may increasingly rethink their U.S. strategies, including the merits of continuing to separate production and R&D and producing abroad and importing back to U.S. buyers. Depending on the industry, there may be considerable benefits to establishing regionalized supply chains and R&D facilities in the U.S.,” said Bob McCutcheon, PwC’s U.S. Industrial Products leader.

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NEGOTIATOR’S TAKE: Lubricants, plastics and transportation are all candidates for price reduction.


Seasonal slowdown of oil graph


Toward prices not seen since the last financial crisis

As U.S. oil fell to a six-year low below $41 a barrel on Wednesday, an increasing number of analysts and traders are saying crude could drop into the $30s—and soon.

The move to a price last seen at the height of the financial crisis, in February 2009, could come amid a seasonal falloff in demand, coupled with concerns about the Chinese economy and the continuing global glut of crude. Cheaper oil would bring further joy to consumers and businesses around the globe, but more pain for everyone from Russian budget officials to U.S. shale-oil drillers….read the rest of this ProPurchaser sourced article, HERE.


Source: The Wall Street Journal, August 2015

Article Author: GEORGI KANTCHEV  (view his biography, HERE)


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NEGOTIATOR’S TAKE: A great time to be calling your metal parts suppliers and negotiating decreases.


China adding to market malaise

Prices of major traded-metals have tumbled to multi-year lows as weak Chinese manufacturing data added to the brew of excess supply and a strong dollar that has put pressure on several commodities this week.

Three-month copper futures fell to $5,202.50 a metric ton on the London Metal Exchange, their lowest level in six years, as a preliminary gauge of China’s manufacturing activity dropped to a 15-month low in July. Prices of three-month aluminum on the LME, another heavily-traded base metal, also dropped to a six-year low at $1,634 per ton.  Read the rest of this ProPurchaser sourced article, HERE.


LME 3-month glut graph



Source: The Wall Street Journal, July 2015

Article Author: Biman Mukherji – View his profile at: LinkedIn


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NEGOTIATOR’S TAKE: Industrial metals are at 6-year lows – a great time to approach suppliers to lower prices.

Copper futures dipped below $5,000 a metric ton Tuesday (August 18, 2015) for the first time since the financial crisis, dropping under a key level in a market that has been hit hard by concerns over the Chinese economy and by uncertainty for a metal widely regarded as a barometer of global economic health.

Fear of falling demand in China weighs on the metal

Copper’s decline comes as all metal prices continue their steep falls from the boom peaks of 2011.  As with other base metals, copper has suffered from the oversupply that followed the boom and from concern over future demand from China, which consumes around 45% of the metal. While many analysts say faltering Chinese demand will continue to lead copper lower, others predict prices will rise by the fourth quarter because Chinese buying will pick up when global supply begins to fall….Read the rest of this ProPurchaser sourced article, HERE.


Source: The Wall Street Journal, August 2015

Article Authors: Ese Erheriene, (view her biography, HERETatyana Shumsky (view her biography, HERE) and Biman Mukherji.

GREENDEX: Survey of Sustainable Consumption

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If your business is expanding into new markets or facing competition in existing ones, can you benefit from enhancing your green credentials to meet consumer preferences?

Greening your supply chain could provide a competitive edge in markets where consumers are increasingly concerned with environmental issues and making spending decisions based on those concerns.

Find what you can learn from the Greendex Survey.


ProPurchaser Green Practice: Greening you supply chain is increasingly crucial in today’s changing market.

Rack Up Savings

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Stan Hankowski, a seasoned Buyer with a major American retailer tells an intriguing story that shows how Purchasers can help themselves by helping their suppliers.

He went to market last year to buy steel racking. He expected higher prices because he’d been tracking steel costs and knew they had gone up sharply.

via Negotiating Nugget on Propurchaser.

Purchasers’ turn to shine

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LeadershipIt’s still quite scary out there: recession clouds are still lurking. Sales volumes are struggling to rise; unfortunately, costs are struggling less, as suppliers pile on price increases, citing higher raw material costs as the reason.

Call to action

What can Purchasers do?……plenty, by taking a leadership role in pushing back costs. Makes sense when you think about it. Your role is critical, since purchases typically represent the largest single source of cost savings for most organizations. Try this 3-step approach.

via Purchasers’ Turn to Shine on Propurchaser.


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NEGOTIATOR’S TAKE:  Great information to have on-hand when your trucker asks for an increase.

The world is awash in diesel, sending prices plunging and delivering some commuters a rare bounty.

Disel image


Diesel at the pump was cheaper than regular gasoline in 21 states Wednesday, according to auto club AAA.  The national average price for retail gasoline, at $2.75 a gallon, was 4.6 cents below diesel, compared with an average discount of 37 cents from 2010 to 2014.  The national average gas price last exceeded diesel’s in 2009, AAA….read the rest of this ProPurchaser sourced article, here.


Source: The Wall Street Journal, July 2015

Article Author: Nicole Friedman, Reporter – View her biography, HERE.  nicole.friedman@wsj.com


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